Cheif Learning Officer Solutions for Enterprise Productivity

Spring 2013 CLO Symposium

Coffee House Collaboration

9:30am - 10:30am - Baron's Ballroom G

Twice a year the most brilliant minds in learning gather at CLO Symposiums to hear about the latest trends in the industry. Imagine a session created solely for the purpose of bringing those brilliant minds together in an environment that fosters collaboration. Join us for “Coffee House Collaboration,” where we will take the spirit and energy of the coffee house to create an optimal environment for gathering the best ideas around the biggest lessons, roadblocks and wins as it relates to learning and collaborating in a global community.

In this session, leaders will:

  • Experience collaboration at its finest by utilizing activities in a learning environment that feels like home, and where all employees truly have the opportunity to grow and advance their skills.
  • Discover strategic methods to foster collaboration in a global market.
  • Be equipped to bring a new level of collaboration back to the workplace through environment, leadership and methodology.

Tamara Carrillo

Tamara Carrillo is a leader in the field of communication and organizational development, with more than 15 years of experience in leadership development, public speaking, corporate training and executive presentation coaching. She is speaking and leading workshops around the country on the changing nature of leadership and has designed, developed and delivered hundreds of presentations and training programs for Fortune 500 corporations. Beyond her presentation strengths, Carrillo is an accomplished keynote speaker and has presented at several national and international conferences such as ASTD, the Chief Learning Officer Symposium, IVentiv, Talent Strategies, Elliott Masie’s Learning Conferences and more. She has worked extensively with senior-level executives and industry leaders and was recently recognized by Leadership Excellence for her development and execution of innovative leadership programs.

Melissa Goodwin

Melissa Goodwin inspires audiences to think about transformative leadership and inventive collaboration. As the director of professional development at Ashford University, she develops and delivers modern, compelling curriculum built for the future of learning and talent management leaders. Goodwin is skilled in coaching, corporate training and leadership development industry-wide. As an experienced executive lifestyle coach, specializing in designing visionary learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies, she captivates the attention of leaders to create change. Her work ranges from developing and leading to keynote speaking on leadership programs, culture change, training and workshop facilitation, team-building, internal coaching and employee engagement. Goodwin's prior experience includes management of coaching and learning development at Taylormade-Adidas, authoring and leading the organization-wide people development programs at Bridgepoint Education and engaging hundreds of people in creating their own life-development system at the luxury personal development company Lifebook. She presents at international and national conferences each year such as ASTD, Chief Learning Officer Symposium, Talent Strategies, IVentiv, SHRM and more.

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