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10 Things Successful Leaders Do Instinctively

 -  9/11/13

To know how to best develop future leaders, learning executives must first work on their own leadership skills. Here are 10 traits every leader must have.

As learning executives search for development opportunities for their company’s future leaders, it may be prudent to first step back to ascertain what current leaders lack.

For example, research by the Center for Hispanic Leadership in March found that 65 percent of leaders director level and below are unqualified. The study said they lack people skills, self-awareness, team-building skills, coaching aptitude, trustworthiness, critical thinking, problem-solving acumen, patience, communication skills and, perhaps most importantly, executive presence.

How do learning leaders move the needle and create more effective leaders? By being effective leaders themselves — even if it means making tough decisions.

But having solid decision-making abilities is only part of what makes successful leaders. They must also be masterful at deciphering business patterns, mitigating hardships, finding unexpected opportunities in dire situations and serving the people they lead.

Here are the 10 things learning leaders can do to become more effective leaders:

Make Decisions

Successful leaders are expert decision-makers. They can help foster discussion to enable employees to come to a strategic conclusion but will also step in to make the tough calls if needed. They understand the importance of remaining focused to sustain momentum, make things happen and steer clear of landmines that will derail them on their road to success.

Manage Issues Head-On

Successful leaders grab the bull by the horns and get right down to the nitty-gritty to figure out the core of the issue at hand. They don’t put it off; instead, they thrive on last-minute, high-pressured situations.

Push People to Think Beyond the Obvious

Successful leaders know their team’s strengths and weaknesses. They know how to challenge those areas that need the most development. Above all, they encourage colleagues to reach beyond the obvious solutions.

Be a Great Teacher

Even though successful leaders are great students, they are also great teachers. They keep their employees on their toes with knowledge about industry trends, statistics and the economy. Successful leaders never stop teaching because they are so self-motivated to learn themselves. They take the time to mentor their employees and even sponsor those who have proven they are ready and determined to advance.


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