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2011 LearningElite


Read about how the LearningElite was developed and find out what sets our top-ranked participants apart from the rest of the pack.

Building a Benchmarking Program

Stacey Boyle

The Chief Learning Officer LearningElite is an annual peer-reviewed and developed industry benchmarking program that recognizes the best organizations for learning and development.

Ranking 1. AT&T: A Network of Learning Solutions

Ladan Nikravan

AT&T consistently encourages employees to improve themselves through job-based training, tuition aid and learning and re-skilling programs.

Ranking 2. Deloitte: Making a Bold Statement

Deanna Hartley

When it comes to investing in the workforce, Deloitte puts its money where its mouth is — by committing to a $300 million brick-and-mortar facility for learning and leadership development.

Ranking 3. Defense Acquisition University: Winning the War with 21st Century Learning

Deanna Hartley

The ability to deploy state-of-the-art technologies and learning strategies is just one arrow in DAU’s quiver, and the accolades it has received over the years solidify its position as a learning leader.

Ranking 4. IBM: The Client Knows Best

Daniel Margolis

IBM harnesses the power of its workforce by developing future leaders, and by making sure that every employee receives personal career guidance and learning that is directly applicable on the job.

Ranking 5. Accenture: Complexity Creates Capability

Daniel Margolis

To develop employee capability, Accenture’s learning is highly targeted and organized on a global basis to contribute directly to the company’s bottom line.

Ranking 6. General Mills: A 'Brand' New Way of Learning

Natalie Morera

General Mills employees learn and create value by working in a team atmosphere. Imaginative learning methods and situations continually push them forward.

Ranking 7. Qualcomm: Where Technology Goes, Learning Will Follow

Natalie Morera

Evolving technology keeps Qualcomm's Learning Center Team on its toes. Learning is fast-paced — but so are the company's methods to create learning material.

Ranking 8. EMC: Storing Data Driving Results

Mike Prokopeak

Business alignment, rapid learning design and delivery and proven business results keep EMC education at the top of its game.

Ranking 9. McDonald’s: Serving Up Learning

Mike Prokopeak

McDonald’s USA celebrates 50 years of training while introducing new innovations to employee learning and development.

Ranking 10. Lowe’s: It's All About Performance Support

Kellye Whitney

At Lowe’s, learning leaders partner with key cross-functional executives around the enterprise to ensure learning is results driven and focused not on individual programs but on employee success.

Ranking the 2011 LearningElite Organizations

View the 2011 LearningElite's overall rankings at a glance and read each of their elite practices.

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