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GOLD: Pete Hammett, Managing Director of Talent Development, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co.

As of June, roughly 175 leaders have taken part in OGE’s new two-year leadership program offerings.

As managing director of talent development with investor-owned utility Oklahoma Gas & Energy Corp. (OGE), Pete Hammett was tasked with a difficult proposition: How to shift the firm from an aging, disengaged culture to a cutting-edge utility that encourages a multigenerational culture.

Hammett and other key OGE executives determined that meeting the challenge required they adopt a clearer vision of their current culture: developing a passion for helping customers, attracting new employees and delivering shareholder value. Hammett and his team crafted an OGE Leadership Focus concept that embraced the idea of programs designed to foster “positive energy together” to increase workforce engagement and productivity.

To implement the change, Hammett and his team developed a multi-pronged approach, including two primary leadership programs, a coaching effectiveness initiative for all leaders, which focused on developing employees looking for structured coaching, and Foundations of Leadership, designed for first-time leaders. Both are two-year programs where participants are placed in learning teams of roughly 25 leaders, allowing them to create relationships with peers in other areas of the company.

The resulting peer coaching and shared learning experience for the two programs has increased workforce camaraderie and leader-employee engagement.

As of June, roughly 175 leaders have taken part in at least one of the programs. And in a survey designed to measure the impact of these programs, employee engagement has increased as much as 30 percent from the year prior.

SILVER: Joe Tamney, Director of Training and Development, Coinmach Service Corp.

As a laundry equipment provider responsible for maintaining roughly 625,000 pieces of product in more than 70,000 locations, Coinmach Corp. needed a formal learning structure. Its fragmented, regional approach to training technicians was producing a number of challenges, namely high turnover, inconsistent training, premature placement of new technicians and a lack of a unified strategy between technicians and managers, all of which was hurting morale and, ultimately, the company’s success.

Under the leadership of Joe Tamney, Coinmach’s director of training and development, the company was able to create a standardized training structure for all of its newly hired technicians. He produced a program revamp for certified technician training, which eliminated the ad-hoc approach and injected a clearly defined, multi-pronged learning structure to training across 28 regional offices.

The new program established clear goals for all trainees and followed each employee on his/her progress through an evaluation checklist. To do this, Tamney led and coordinated a series of four-hour customer service training sessions at each Coinmach office. The program’s success helped increase technician morale and decrease the employee turnover rate 63 percent in its first year.

BRONZE: Caroline Hudson, Executive Director, People and Learning, Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Ltd.

The human resources and development practices division of health care provider Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Ltd. lacked a proficient leadership development program and needed a different approach to its management training.

Caroline Hudson, Mater’s executive director for people and learning, led the implementation of the Mater Managers Program, an inclusive, consistent and robust approach designed to provide its managers with the opportunities to learn and grow in their current roles. By the end of the program’s second six-month semester in December, 108 managers will have completed at least one of the four modules of the program; 62 will have completed two modules; and 22 will have completed the third.

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