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Abhijit Bhaduri: An Unconventional Leader

 -  7/22/13

Wipro Ltd.’s CLO has made unconventional approaches to learning and development the norm at the India-based IT and consulting company.

If there’s one thing Abhijit Bhaduri is not, it’s conventional. Not only does he have a law degree as well as an MBA, but he also recommends that people follow Lady Gaga on Twitter for marketing advice.

Bhaduri, chief learning officer for Wipro Ltd., a global IT, consulting and outsourcing company headquartered in Bangalore, India, with 145,000 employees in 54 countries, is an adviser on social media usage for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in India and one of the top 10 HR influencers on social media according to SHRM India. He said leveraging social media can be one of the best ways anyone can learn because platforms such as Twitter socialize and enhance the learning experience. Social media provides the user with access to multiple perspectives on any given topic and enables continual learning. He’s such a vocal advocate for it that he said one of his colleagues jokingly asked if he was on Twitter’s payroll.

“If the world outside is not changing a lot, if it’s static, then it’s easy to use training and development to really make sure that all the needs are met,” he said. “But when the world outside is changing, you need to be able to constantly learn, and you need to be able to learn from a variety of people, which is why I think it’s important to be able to leverage social media and get learning from multiple sources, multiple perspectives. On Twitter you can follow anybody — from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama to the biggest thinkers on the planet, and they’re all accessible.”

Drawing Outside the Lines
Unlike some CLOs who stumbled into the profession by happenstance, Bhaduri got a taste of the profession early in his career. After earning his MBA and law degree — which he said was a pursuit of knowledge, something “one does in one’s youth” — he worked for Tata Steel in management development.

At the same time, Bhaduri taught a course on training and development for five years at XLRI (Xavier School of Management), a private graduate business school in Jamshedpur, India, the school where he earned his MBA. “That was probably one of the most defining stints in my career where I understood the theory, the concepts, I taught it and I practiced it simultaneously, so it gave me great exposure,” he said.


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