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Architecting a Comprehensive Leadership Development Framework

Diet, Exercise, Laundry and Implementation
With sponsorship secured and a curriculum blessed, itís time for implementation. Although the organizational objectives and enabling competencies will change from year to year, a consistent enterprise adoption process will sustain the development system over time. Like many corporate disciplines, leadership development is an ongoing process that must be practiced at all levels of management. And by integrating this five-step approach into an organizationís set of core competencies, businesses become prepared to address any environmental shifts that might come their way:

1. Assessment and Alignment: Begin each year by identifying organizational goals and individual skill gaps. With these two aligned, thereís a higher probability of the development plan making a real impact on both the emerging leader and the organizationís performance.

2. Individual Learning: Acquiring new ideas and internalizing visual models of ideal behavior can happen best through individual, self-paced learning. This approach enables learners to focus, proceed at their own pace and access learning activities at their convenience. This saves time and money, and improves retention of the material significantly.

3. Social Application: Once emerging leaders have had time to internalize new ideas, itís time to discuss them with others. Think of it like reading the assignment before coming to class. Time spent together as a group, the most expensive time, is best used applying the learning to real situations and resolving specific problems together.

4. Sustain and Reinforce: Studies indicate that 85 percent of retention is lost if not reinforced within 30 days. Furthermore, research shows that performance improves most when managers hold employees accountable for their growth. For the development to stick, focus less on the learning event and more on ongoing practice and reinforcement.


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