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Architecting a Comprehensive Leadership Development Framework

5. Measure: Today it’s easier than ever to measure the real impact of leadership development programs. From 360-degree assessments of behavioral change to predictive algorithms projecting impact and ROI, online tools provide the accountability and measurement senior management demands.

An Integrated Performance Development Cycle
In the end, leadership development is a personal act. The architecture of a process and the conceptual framework of a curriculum are abstract designs until human beings step in. And although emerging leaders can learn from multiple mentors along the way, their immediate manager is usually most responsible for their day-to-day development. Thus, the practice of establishing a partnership and enabling a coaching relationship between two people is the final, critical element of a leadership development system.

In this role, managers have a responsibility to translate strategic direction and functional needs into smart goals and individual performance plans for themselves and their direct reports (the results they need to achieve together). Managers then continue to develop their own management and coaching skills. They simultaneously partner with their direct reports to interpret their individual assessments and leadership pipeline assignments, together drafting a personal development plan for each individual.

The combination of these individual performance goals and development plans creates a personalized game plan that the employee can follow throughout the year.

Throughout this integrated performance development cycle, the manager and employee continue to support, coach and hold each other accountable for measurable improvements in behavior. (See Figure 1.)

This comprehensive system, when consistently supported, rewards organizations with a process for generating boundless energy and renewed commitment from generation after generation of new leaders.


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