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Collaborating With Universities to Create a Continuous Learning Culture

Prioritizing Supervisor Coaching and Mentoring
Employers can help embed learning and make it relevant to the workplace by developing supervisors' skills and holding them responsible for supporting employee development. Their responsibilities around employee learning and development could include:

  • Providing job-shadowing opportunities.
  • Helping employees build development plans linked to performance evaluations.
  • Finding learning opportunities for employees through team assignments, committees and task forces.
  • Learning about career and education resources and child-care and transportation options and referring employees to them.
  • Describing career-path opportunities to employees.

Internal Career Paths
A key to ensuring that learning is an attractive pursuit for employees is showing them that there are real rewards - that their efforts in the classroom will be recognized through a change in responsibilities and/or improved pay. An excellent way to do this is to establish internal career paths so that employees know what skills are needed to advance to other jobs, either vertically or laterally.

For example, many health care organizations, needing to address a critical shortage in skilled positions, have established internal "career lattices," where entry-level staff can see how they can advance to higher-skilled and higher-paid nursing jobs or, at the very least, become specialists in their current positions. The key to making these career ladders, or lattices, effective is to make sure that they are well publicized within your organization, particularly for the group of workers you would like to gain new skills and advance in the organization.


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