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Interns: Percolating Performance or Coffee Stains?

“They came up with some pretty innovative solutions in partnership with business leaders,” Dhanesar said.

After the first summer program, MetLife made offers to 13 of the 20 interns participating around the world. The program was so successful senior executives expanded it from eight weeks to 10.

“That’s a pretty high hit rate in MBA recruitment, which is one of the most difficult external talent segments to attract talent from, due primarily to the number of outstanding career options these individuals have with the world’s best brands,” Dhanesar said. “As companies consider how best to leverage internship programs, they should link their programs to their business strategies and challenges and seek win-win solutions for the business and the interns.”

Cultivate a Startup Intern Experience

Stanford University graduate Shannon Harrington was so frustrated about her own experience trying to find work at a technology startup company after a number of internships that she successfully pitched an internship liaison program for startups to Bain Capital Venture Partners in Palo Alto, Calif.

When exploring careers as a college senior in 2011, Harrington said she found it difficult to navigate “the unstructured and arbitrary” recruiting processes at a variety of startups. “I learned that startups, especially those with fewer than 30 employees, do not always have relevant job descriptions on their websites or the right individuals in place to respond to job inquiries.”

Unlike more established companies, startups are constantly evolving, which requires candidates to remain flexible and patient throughout the recruiting process, Harrington said. Further, since startups cannot anticipate their hiring needs months in advance, proactive job hunting takes a back seat to networking.

Determined to “improve the recruiting process for other students,” Harrington joined Bain Capital Ventures after graduation to launch StartUp Academy, a program that connects top talent to opportunities within a subset of Bain Capital Ventures’ portfolio companies.


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