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Learning Portals: Supporting Corporate Objectives

Another best practice is frequent updates. News should change daily, and other dynamic content should be updated at least monthly. Always make certain there is fresh information to access — a sure way to maintain stickiness. Updates reinforce the company’s learning commitment by giving more opportunity to either learn something about the business or act on a project based on the updated information.

A third best practice provides space for users to create communities within the organization. For example, if a geographically diverse company wants to have all marketing personnel discuss concerns, the company can create an online community for this group through a portal. That particular approach, however, requires another best practice that should not be overlooked: Someone has to be assigned to keep the community together and keep the content fresh.

The fourth best practice is no less important. Design your portal so associates can complete business quickly and inexpensively. At the same time, maintain a high level of quality, whether portals are performing simple functions, such as changing an address, or communicating with a broad spectrum of personnel. Your employees are more likely to gravitate to the portal when they realize how much easier and quicker it is to perform the task.

Portals and Governance
It would be naïve to think issues will not arise over portals, largely because they have so many different stakeholders. Capital One has developed cross-functional portal teams under the auspices of human resources, which is responsible for governance. The team sets direction and determines business and customer needs, depending on the nature of each portal or portlet. Despite the number of different stakeholders (such as IT and lines of business), decisions on actual content are left to those assigned as content providers. Issues that might bring departments in conflict are resolved through an expedited path to senior management.

Those charged with governance do not act in a vacuum. Because portals represent personalized approaches, it makes sense for them to have continual-feedback channels from associates whose input is likely to increase because they also have a share in their success.

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