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Making a Bold Statement

 -  5/24/11

When it comes to investing in the workforce, Deloitte puts its money where its mouth is by committing to a $300 million learning facility — making it the No. 2 ranked company in Chief Learning Officer magazine’s LearningElite.

Bill Pelster, managing principal, talent development, Deloitte.

Deloitte’s talent development strategy reads as follows: to “invest in you [our people] to develop the capabilities you need to thrive in the marketplace today and in the future — building a better Deloitte.”

In an unusually bold move, the company has put its money where its mouth is and has committed to build a learning and leadership development facility in Texas that amounts to a roughly $300 million investment in its workforce. Slated to open its doors this year, Deloitte University is living proof that learning is deeply tied to the goals and priorities of the company’s businesses.

“It’s so gratifying to see the transformation we’ve made in our learning, and I’m enormously proud of the team,” said Bill Pelster, managing principal of talent development for Deloitte. “It’s been a collective effort as we prepare to open Deloitte University later in 2011.”

In addition to the new learning facility in Texas, the company is planning other changes, such as a revamp of its milestone schools — three separate transition acceleration programs — to include a greater focus on professional and leadership skills while optimally leveraging learning principles such as team gaming, simulations and interactive scenarios.

“We’ve created a world-class learning environment at Deloitte, with leading-edge methods, the latest technology, and an approach that truly builds our people’s capabilities,” Pelster said. “Nothing is more important, especially in a profession like ours, where the product we offer is the skill and knowledge of our people.”

The company’s learning organization also introduced a cross-functional aspect to the milestone schools recently. In 2010 it launched the first cross-functional learning program for senior managers. While the program is simulation-based, it also offers a fictional scenario that requires collaboration across business units so that participants can network and enhance their relationship-building skills.

Deloitte’s CEO, board of directors, and operating and executive committees all have played a major role in determining the vision for the company’s talent development strategy. The push to increase cross-functional learning as well as promote a greater focus on industry, leadership and professional skill building are just some of the standards Deloitte’s leadership has been instrumental in setting.

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