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The 2008 Learning In Practice Awards

Further, ManTech’s LMS, which records the company’s nearly 200 certifications, has become a source of input for its resume library and expertise location systems. That means quick responses — with information from multiple business units — to calls from request for proposals the company responds to.

“If you need to know how many PMPs we have with top-secret clearances with experience with this certain customer, you come to ManTech University, and we can tell you in three minutes,” said John Hovell, director of knowledge management at ManTech International.

In addition to significant cost savings realized, ManTech’s certification courses may bring in revenue for the company, as well.

“It’s not going to happen in 12 to 18 months, but at some point we will become a global rep for PMI, which means we can now offer those courses to the public for revenue,” Hovell said.

“Our plan, as we laid out the business plan in 2006, was in five years to become self-sufficient and not need any corporate overhead funds. So we’re working our way there, and we see that in our very viable future.”

“It’s a twofold blessing,” Malinchak said. “Internally, training and education is not seen as an expense but rather as an investment that has financial impact on the bottom line, the profit margin. Externally, it’s always great to be recognized by your peers. To be recognized in this way shows we’re seen as part of the financial information needed to go forward as we grow the business and think how we’re going to spend overhead dollars in a very positive way.”

– Kellye Whitney


Fred DePerez
Senior Sales and Product Training Manager, Chrysler

The American auto industry has been struggling for some time, battling against increasing pressures from global competitors. And with the current economic situation worsening, things are likely to get worse.


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