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 -  7/8/13

While many learning leaders choose their offerings based on cost and convenience, others are staying true to costlier traditional methods.

Content, audience, environment and available technology each play a role in how learning is delivered, and all of those continue to evolve. However, despite volatility, survey results from the Chief Learning Officer magazine Business Intelligence Board (BIB) suggest that organizations are getting more sophisticated in their modality choice. Asynchronous e-learning is increasingly seen as the preferred delivery method to train a group with varied skill levels, and classroom remains the most significant form of training, in spite of alternatives.

Every other month, market intelligence firm IDC administers a Web-based survey to the BIB on a variety of topics to gauge the issues, opportunities and attitudes that affect a senior learning executive. This month offers an annual look into learning modalities and how they are evolving.

Last year, this survey showed that while CLOs shifted their emphasis away from classroom-based, instructor-led training (ILT) toward e-learning, the overall portfolio hasn’t changed very much. This year’s survey continues to show that the future includes more emphasis on social learning, increased use of mobile technologies and a continued refinement of how and when to use e-learning.

Economy Driving Small Shifts
CLOs are using the full range of options for learning delivery. Consistent with previous surveys, classroom training is used more often, though the combination of synchronous and asynchronous e-learning continues to represent a growing modality.

This year’s results show a decline in the use of classroom-based training since 2010, a small increase in synchronous and asynchronous e-learning and a large gain in “other” (Figure 1). The decreased emphasis on classroom training and a large increase in other suggests enterprises are bypassing the now-traditional e-learning options and exploring other experiences such as performance support or peer-based training.

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