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Winning the War With 21st-Century Learning

 -  5/25/11

The ability to deploy state-of-the-art technologies and learning strategies is just one arrow in DAU’s quiver, making it the No. 3 ranked company in Chief Learning Officer magazine’s LearningElite.

The Defense Acquisition University senior leadership team outside DAU headquarters in Fort Belvoir, Va.

Armed with its strategic performance learning model, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides the U.S. Department of Defense’s acquisition workforce with learning assets 24/7 — whether they’re at work or home, in the classroom or on the go.

The model also helps identify where and how employees learn, enabling the DAU to provide a total learning environment where employees can’t help but learn. Further, usage of this model ensures alignment between learning and business strategy/senior leadership goals.

Learning at DAU has undergone a paradigm shift from a 20th-century traditional classroom-based environment to a 21st-century total learning environment. DAU faculty members are armed with real-world experience and train with advanced learning tools such as games, simulations and virtual environments. For instance, they’re able to deploy immersive business simulations to help with retention, present real-world scenarios within the classroom setting and ultimately have a positive effect on employees’ overall learning experience.

“We are all very honored and proud to be recognized by our peers as one of the LearningElite organizations,” said Katrina McFarland, president of DAU. “We believe the Defense Acquisition University has truly accomplished a ‘learning revolution,’ from a primary classroom-only training organization to a best-in-class corporate university.”

Many have acknowledged DAU’s impact on the workforce, including Ashton B. Carter, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics at the Department of Defense, who chose to go against the grain by increasing the learning and development budget when many other organizations were curbing spending. Every year CEOs of various organizations and other stakeholders receive formal annual reports that outline DAU’s performance and value. These reports include enterprise metrics and outcomes reported on a quarterly basis.

“DAU has led and still leads the field in actually deploying the latest learning strategies, cutting-edge technologies, strategic planning, business infrastructure, evaluation, leadership alignment, knowledge sharing, learning infrastructure and learning research,” said Christopher R. Hardy, director of the Global Learning and Technology Center at DAU.

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