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In his “Effectiveness” column, Jay Cross offers advice on technology, informal learning and performance to keep learning programs working for organizations.

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Would You Recommend Your L&D Department?

 - 4/14/14

If line leaders don’t think learning has value, they will not be loyal to the function.

Are Professional Certifications Valuable?

 - 4/11/14

Many companies invest in certifications in a haphazard, unplanned manner.

Why CLOs Should Care About Retention

 - 4/4/14

Soon employers will no longer have their pick when looking for talent.

Best Practices

Leveraging his expertise as principal and founder of Bersin & Associates, Josh Bersin covers corporate solutions, training and e-learning in his “Best Practices” column.

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Mastering the Skills Supply Chain Problem

 - 3/31/14

Competition for talent requires a long-term view of capabilities development.

Editor's Letter: The Human Face of Learning

 - 3/24/14

As access to information continues to grow, it's important to make sure the personal aspects of learning remain intact.

In Conclusion


Whether it’s technologies or training techniques, our rotating guest columnists lend innovative education practices to keep learners up to speed every month in “In Conclusion.”


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High-Tech in Higher Ed

 - 3/21/14

The overlap between corporate learning and higher education could get messy.

Selling Up, Selling Down

Learning evangelist Bob Mosher offers readers tips for evangelizing learning to all levels of the enterprise in his “Selling Up, Selling Down” column.

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Supporting the Application of Learning

 - 3/17/14

Learning leaders spend too much time and money on the wrong things.

Take Five


Learning and development authority Brandon Hall covers cutting-edge educational technologies and techniques in his “Take Five” column.


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Innovation vs. Practicality

 - 3/14/14

Incremental change can be good, but think bigger and better.


Pulling from his decades of experience, management expert Ken Blanchard explores the continued evolution of leadership development and delivers insightful tips and practices for today's learning leaders.

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What's Your Development Level?

 - 3/10/14

Identifying skill levels can determine the appropriate leadership style.


Elliott Masie’s “Imperatives” column covers the ins and outs of learning leaders’ daily obligations while offering suggestions to enhance development- and performance-related tasks.

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Search and You Shall Find

 - 3/7/14

Search is ubiquitous, but an underutilized development strategy.

Buckets of Expectations

 - 9/8/11

The key to motivating employees is to stop trying. Unless one’s actions directly address an employee’s unique triggers, any motivational initiatives are likely to fail.

Your Brain on Innovation

 - 7/14/11

Without inclusion there can be no creativity. The desire to be accepted, included and to fit in is as strong as the need for food, water and air.

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