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Breakfast Club

2013 CLO Breakfast Club, Chicago

Moderated by Steve King, Vice President, Talent and Leadership Effectiveness, Allstate Insurance Company

Thursday, Apr 25, 2013 7:30 am

High-Powered Learning: Development for a Changing Workplace

Mobile, social, virtual and informal: All of those words describe not only a growing number of today’s workers but also the nature of organizational learning and development. Driven by technology and the pressure to perform, the expectations of learning leaders today are constantly growing and continually shifting.

To be effective in this fast-paced and changing environment, chief learning officers must develop innovative and adaptive ways to meet organizational needs — diagnose performance gaps, deploy tactics and technology and assess results — while also pivoting to respond to the demands and needs of a diverse, ever-evolving workforce.

In the Spring 2013 CLO Breakfast Club series, our panel of industry experts leads discussions in cities across the United States about the changing role of the learning organization in today’s dynamic organizational environment and shares insight into the tools, processes and strategies to supercharge employee learning.



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